Vehicular Assault Charges in CNY

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If you have a driver’s license, odds are you’re well aware that it’s against the law to drive while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol because of how incredibly dangerous it is. However, if you find yourself accused of driving under the influence and you caused injury to another person as a result of driving while intoxicated, you’ll face more than just DWI or DUI —you could also be charged with the crime known as “vehicular assault.” These offenses range from Class E to B felony charges, which mean you could be subject to significant state prison time and other serious penalties that may impact you for the rest of your life.

It’s strongly advised you contact a Syracuse criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you’re charged with vehicular assault—trying to face your charges alone could have immense negative consequences. Cambareri & Brenneck understands how devastating these consequences can be, and we take your case as seriously as you do, giving it the careful attention it deserves. As former prosecutors, we understand the process and the issues, our experience gives us an edge that we can now use to create an effective and hard-hitting defense that places your best interests at the forefront of all our strategic decisions. Don’t settle for accepting an outcome without knowing why or what will happen; let a skilled member of our team review your case with you and fight to help you preserve your name and your freedoms.

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Elements of Vehicular Assault

In order to be found guilty of vehicular assault, each of the “elements of the crime” must be proven beyond all reasonable doubt. As your defense attorney, we will examine the facts and the evidence to challenge the accusations and reveal whatever weaknesses may exist. We will work to present a complete defense to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

To be charged with vehicular assault, some of the elements the prosecution must prove include:

  • You were under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • You caused “physical injury” or “serious physical injury” to another person
  • The serious physical injury caused death, protracted disfigurement, protracted loss, or impairment of bodily function

As your attorney, we’ll work with you to examine the evidence available and attempt to demonstrate and expose any weaknesses in the proof against you. Vehicular assault charges can vary widely depending on the facts of each case, with the offense ranging from E to B class felonies.

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