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There are a number of different criminal statutes in New York that describe larceny. If you or a loved one have been accused of one these offenses, it is advised you speak with proven defense counsel. In many cases, favorable results can be achieved with a proactive, thoughtful approach to the charges against the accused.

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Larceny Charges in Central New York

Larceny is defined as the unlawful taking of someone’s property without their permission. There are two types of larceny in New York, petit larceny and grand larceny.

The difference in these larceny charges include:

  • Petit larceny involves the alleged theft of property valued under $1,000. It is considered a Class A Misdemeanor.
  • Grand larceny involves the alleged theft of property valued at $1,000 or more. It is considered a felony and becomes more severe with the greater value of the involved property.

Other Theft Crimes

Larceny is just one form theft can take. New York statutes define various other theft-related crimes that can yield serious penalties for the accused if a conviction is reached.

These theft-related crimes include:

No matter what the circumstances of your larceny or theft charges are, Cambareri & Brenneck is ready to hear your story. Our team of experienced legal advocates knows how to assess these cases and aggressively pursue the optimal outcome for our clients.

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