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Do you believe you have legitimate grounds to contest your criminal conviction? Have you served your sentence and are now interested in sealing your criminal records? If so, it is time to speak with a legal professional. In many cases, there are viable options for relief for those who have been accused of crimes—even when the court has already decided they were guilty.

At Cambareri & Brenneck, we understand that many clients’ need for a legal advocate doesn’t end with their trial. As former prosecutors, our Syracuse appeals lawyers are well-aware of the challenges the accused face in our justice system and what can be done to secure relief even after a guilty verdict has been handed down.

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Appealing Your Conviction

We place trust in our court system to be thorough and just and while it often is, it is not perfect. If you believe that you or a loved one has received a conviction you believe is unjust, our firm can help you assess your options.

Grounds for appealing a criminal conviction can include:

  • The jury received incorrect instructions.
  • The accused was falsely arrested.
  • There was an improper admission and/or exclusion of evidence.
  • There was misconduct from the jurors.
  • There were sentencing errors.
  • There was lack of sufficient evidence.
  • There were unethical acts or errors by the prosecutor.
  • The defense counsel was ineffective.

Often, an error during a trial needs to be preserved by either a verbal or written motion. Whether you had already partnered with our firm for your initial trial or are looking for a new counsel for your criminal appeal, we are ready to help you assess viable appeals options. Call our firm today.

Sealing Your Record

You can’t “expunge” a criminal record in the State of New York, but you can have your records sealed—meaning that they become unattainable by the public. Sealing your record has numerous benefits, especially for those seeking work.

Who can seal their criminal record?

  • Those accused who were found innocent in court
  • Some who have been found guilty of juvenile offenses
  • Some who have been found guilty of traffic offenses
  • Some who have been found guilty of “violation offenses” (such as loitering)
  • Some who have completed drug and alcohol treatment programs

Eligibility for record sealing is best assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you have been convicted of a minor, non-violent crime and are interested in sealing your record, our legal team is ready to speak with you.

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