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If you have been accused of a criminal act, you are likely feeling concern about your legal options, your future, and even your freedom. Our justice system can be an intimidating apparatus to approach and, too often, the rights and interests of the accused are not properly articulated and asserted before the law.

At Cambareri & Brenneck, we are well-versed in the challenges and dilemmas criminal defendants face as they navigate our justice system. Our firm is made up of former prosecutors with an intimate knowledge of how the accused are processed in the State of New York. We know how to intervene in this process and ensure that the allegations against our client receive the consideration and scrutiny they deserve.

Explore your legal options with an experienced and knowledgeable former prosecutor before a plea deal is entered. We take all situations into consideration to get you the best results.

What Are My Criminal Defense Options?

Every criminal case is different and it is critical that the allegations against the accused are closely examined by an experienced legal professional before a plea is entered. At Cambareri and Brenneck Lawyers, we do not rush to negotiate plea deals for our clients, but instead thoroughly assess the details of their case and determine what their defense options might be.

At Cambareri & Brenneck we regularly examine whether or not:

  • There have been civil rights violations against our client.
  • The police violated search and seizure laws.
  • There are police misconduct issues.
  • There are pieces of evidence that should be suppressed.
  • There have been chain-of-evidence issues.
  • The prosecutors have overextended with their indictment of the accused.
  • There are witnesses (or other evidence) that dispute the state’s version of events.

New York’s Diversion Programs

In some cases, criminal defendants may be eligible for what is known as a diversion program. These programs have been established by the state to reduce jail populations and give select, non-violent offenders a way to avoid incarceration. Eligibility for these programs varies, but often the defendant must a) not have a significant criminal history, b) be charged with a misdemeanor, c) plead guilty to their current charge.

When it is appropriate, Cambareri & Brenneck will advocate for our clients’ eligibility for these programs. For more information on the allegations against you, the possible penalties, and what our team is prepared to do to secure the most favorable outcome possible, call our offices today.

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