Johnny Manziel to appear in Court for Domestic Violence

A domestic violence case is being pushed against former NFL quarterback, Johnny Manziel who was ordered to appear before a Texas grand jury on May 5 for a misdemeanor charge resulting from a domestic violence incident reported by his ex-girlfriend.

Manziel was booked into the Highland Park Jail and was released on the same day with a $1,500 legal assurance as reported by his lawyer Bob Hinton. Judge Roberto Canas presided over Manziel’s arraignment.

On January 30, Colleen Crowley, the longtime lover of Manziel, accused him of hitting her repeatedly in the head, eventually causing a hearing defect as supported by medical records. The football player also allegedly threatened to kill both his former girlfriend and himself. Furthermore, she testified that her ex-beau appeared to be stoned during the incident.

Restraining Order Against Manziel Stemming from Domestic Violence Incident

The incident prompted Crowley to secure a protection order against Manziel. The two-year restraining order was approved by the court and signed by Manziel, directs him to keep a distance of at least 500 feet away from the complainant due to the domestic violence case. The order also prevents him from having a firearm or ammunition. The violence was considered a Class A misdemeanor assault which carries a maximum sentence of one-year imprisonment and a $ 4,000 fine. It was reported that he surrendered to police officers voluntarily. His legal team, led by Jim Darnell is confident that their client will be exonerated and that the evidence will prove Manziel’s innocence.

NFL’s Reaction

Meanwhile, the NFL acted upon news of Manziel’s latest arrest. League officials have indicated that he could be sanctioned under both the league’s personal conduct and drug abuse rules. This latest domestic violence accusation is the most grave incident during the quarterback’s stormy off-duty. Jimmy Haslam, the owner of Cleveland Browns, stated that the team tried but failed to be in contact with their player. He further said that they are not worried about Manziel as a player, but are concerned about him as a person.

Manziel’s controversies

The Cleveland Browns parted ways with Manziel in March due to the player’s continuing controversies and his rehab stint. Before he was formally released, it was reported that the athlete was seen in Las Vegas the day before and during his team’s season finale. According to some accounts, the player was seen in disguise with a blond wig and a mustache during his casino stay. After his separation from the team, he has appeared in various social media posts around the country. He lost a Nike endorsement and been eliminated from the marketing handlers of Lebron James’ agency. After the allegations, in this case, he was reported to have rented a house in West Hollywood California where he hosted two consecutive nights of wild parties, which resulted in numerous noise complaints to the police from the neighbors. Consequently, he was accused of causing a $30,000 worth of damage to the home. The once sought-after quarterback said he will do everything he can to regain the NFL’s trust again, but up to this date, no football team has signed him as of yet.

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