Funny Guys Charged with DUI

Police all over the country are cracking down on drunk drivers. The days of being given a roadside break after having a few too many are over. Being a police officer means upholding the law regardless of who the driver is. A quick search on google will show you that any can get stopped for DWI and the police are ready to arrest drunk drivers regardless of how unusual or unique the encounter is or how funny or famous the driver may be. One Alabama man learned this the hard way when he was arrested for driving under the influence alcohol while dressed as a clown.

Clown Charged with DUI

Police pulled over 51-year-old J. Sloan for driving erratically, weaving in and out of traffic, and for failing to drive in his lane. After a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy pulled Sloan over, he suspected that the driver had been under the influence of alcohol and administered a field sobriety test. Sloan, who was wearing a clown’s costume at the time, maintained that he had only consumed a couple of drinks. It may have been difficult for the deputy to take Sloan’s statement seriously given his costume, however, after failing a breathalyzer test, it didn’t matter much what Sloan claimed he was arrested and taken to jail.

  1. Sloan never did explain why he was a wearing a clown suit and wig, but it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the situation. Police across the country take drunk driving very seriously and there are no “breaks” to be had.

Over the past few years we have seen stories where professional comedians and celebrities who operate a vehicle while drunk have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. In April of 2013, funnyman Kevin Hart was arrested in Los Angeles by the California Highway Patrol for recklessly driving 90 miles per hour down a busy highway, where he almost hit a gas tanker truck in the process. When asked to take a field sobriety test, Hart declined and admitted that he was drunk. Ultimately, Hart was very remorseful and has promised to be more responsible in the future.

Talk show host cannot talk out DUI

Talk show host Chelsea Handler shared her story about being charged with DUI. Interestingly, Handler believes her DUI helped kick-start her career as a comedian. The 39-year-old celebrity recently reflected on a 1996 traffic stop where she was arrested or driving under the influence. Along with going to jail, Handler was ordered to attend DUI classes. In these classes, convicted offenders had to talk about their DUI experience with the rest of the group. Handler, who was initially terrified of speaking in front of large crowds, was forced to speak about the night she was arrested. Handler recalls how the instructor and her classmates laughed throughout her story. Many people came to her after the class and told her how funny she was. Unfortunately for Handler, her sense of humor must have been lost on the arresting officer at the time. Ultimately, Handler used the experience to overcome stage fright and has promised to never drink and drive again.

It doesn’t matter whether you are funny, personable or whether you are a famous. If police see you driving drunk, they will arrest you. Saturday Night Live favorite and A Night at the Roxbury star Chris Kattan learned this the hard way when, in 2014, he collided with a government vehicle while driving drunk. Even though no one was injured, the actor was arrested for drunk driving and taken to jail.

The best defense for a DWI is to avoid driving if you have been drinking especially if you may have had too much to drink. If you do not have a designated driver, call a taxi to take you home. The price of cab fare and overnight parking for your car will be much cheaper than fines, court fees, attorney’s fees and all the other collateral expenses that come with a drunk driving arrest.

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