Did You Receive a DWI in Madison County, NY?

It can happen to anyone. You have a few drinks at a party or the bar after work, and while you feel fine, your ability is likely impaired from the alcohol you consumed. You drive along, just trying to get home, and are pulled over by police for your driving. After questioning and a few field sobriety tests, the police determine that your impaired and you’re over the legal limit for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). You are placed under arrest and charged with a DWI. Once you are processed, placed in jail, and then released, you may not know just what you need to do. When you receive a DWI in Madison County, NY, there are steps you want to take to help yourself.

Hire an Attorney for DWI in Madison County, NY

DWI has become such a common occurrence that some people think it is not a serious offense. They feel they can just go to court, go through the system and their case will be resolved. Some people choose to represent themselves or rely on the advice of unqualified people. Even worse, many people will try and judge their situation by what they have been told about what has happened to other people charged with DWI.

People simply want to believe that everything will work out fine. Unfortunately, that is often not the case and they are then surprised when they start to suffer consequences they didn’t expect. They are quickly found guilty, have their driver’s license suspended or revoked, receive a large fine, probation, must attend mandatory classes, or even need to spend more time in jail. In addition, many people suffer professional consequences if they drive for a living, travel for work, travel into Canada, hold a professional license, have security clearance or are required to pass a background check. All those things are in jeopardy when you face a DWI charge. You want to have a lawyer representing you now to make sure you get fair treatment in the system and to work on obtaining a better outcome for you. A qualified and experienced DWI lawyer will be able to review your case and explain all the potential collateral consequences to you so that you can work together to achieve the best outcome and protect what is most important to you.

A Lawyer Working for You

When you receive a DWI in Madison County, NY and you turn to us at Cambareri & Brenneck, you will get the qualified legal advice you need. We have vast experience in DWI cases, and we know the law well. We will work with you and the courts to get through this complicated process to try to limit the restrictions placed upon you because of a DWI. Our efforts can help to ease driving restrictions placed on you so that you can get back and forth to work.

Talk to Us First

As soon as you have received a DWI in Madison County, NY, it is a good idea to contact us here at Cambareri & Brenneck before you go to court. You can call our office at (315) 215-0517 to arrange for a case analysis and consultation so that you can meet with us and discuss your case. We can provide you with the sound legal advice and the representation you need that can help you obtain a better outcome and gain some peace of mind.