All Lawyers Are Not Created Equal

All lawyers are not created equal and a bizarre story out of Illinois this week demonstrates just that. Bankruptcy attorney Robert W. Gold-Smith was on trial for Solicitation of Murder charges when he made the ill-advised decision to represent himself in court. After being imprisoned for violating an order of protection, Gold-Smith allegedly sought the services of fellow inmates to kill his ex-wife. After being found guilty of the charges in a bench trial, the attorney insisted on continuing his self-representation during the post-trial motions. It was at this point that the presiding judge, the honorable Daniel Rozak of the Twelfth Judicial Court of Will County, Illinois, decided enough was enough:

“You have to realize that you did an absolutely terrible job representing yourself. If I want a will or a real estate deal you might be the best attorney in the state of Illinois, but you’re a terrible trial lawyer.

If I told you I needed heart surgery, you’d refer me to a gynecologist. You’d say what’s the difference, they’re both doctors. If you could sue yourself for ineffective assistance [of counsel], you’d have a dead-bang winner.

If you’d sat there, shut up and kept quiet, maybe – just maybe – my decision would’ve been different, but every hole that was in their case – you filled in.”

Gold-Smith’s Sentence

Gold-Smith may be facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years at 85 percent but it was perhaps his ego that fared the worst. Sure, this trial may be a bit of an extreme example but the judge’s tirade goes to show how essential it is to have the right tools for the job when it comes to criminal defense. If charged with a serious crime, any lawyer will simply not do, just like any doctor will not do when it comes to heart surgery. You need to see a specialist.

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