The Top Criminal Lawyers in Oswego – Your Best Chance in the Criminal Court

During the arraignment, the person facing the criminal charges or the defendant will be duly informed of the charges made against him. This is also the time when the judge will determine whether bail can be made. It is important that the top criminal lawyers in Oswego are there to also further explain to the defendant the various notices he will be given. Said notices include whether his case should be considered by a Grand Jury if the defendant has been identified by a witness or witnesses, as well as the statements he made to the police. The Cambareri & Brenneck can determine how the defense can be best structured depending on the amount of information provided during the arraignment.

The top criminal lawyers in Oswego can also help the defendant make a plea. For instance, if there was a major violation or misdemeanor involved, then during the arraignment, the defendant may plead guilty. If the defendant does so, then a judge may deliver a sentence. However, if the case was a felony, then there is no need for the defendant to enter a plea during the arraignment at the criminal court. Cambareri & Brenneck can offer better insight into the case and can help you make the necessary decision for your defense. Note that after the arraignment, the will be a number of legal matters to be discussed and addressed prior to the trial itself. Having the top criminal lawyers in Oswego can help you face these legal issues.

What Exactly is a Bail and How is it Determined

One of the many facets of the criminal law that people often misinterpret is about posting bail. A bail is a form of collateral, usually posted as a bond or cash, that reassures the court that the defendant will appear in court on a specified date in the future. The setting of bail is done during the Arraignment wherein the ADA will present valid reasons to satisfy the conditions for setting a bail. It is crucial that the top lawyers in Oswego will also respond to the said presentation of conditions prior to the setting of the bail amount. The defendant shall then be released if he or someone on his behalf posts the bail amount.

Contrary to what many people believe, there may be defendants who could be released even without posting any bail. This is often referred to as Released On Own Recognizance (ROR) wherein a court believes that the defendant will likely to appear in court as deemed required by law. On the other hand, if the case is serious and the court feels that no bail should be posted, the defendant may remain in custody, then the latter may remand this person. Should this be the case, the top criminal lawyers in Oswego can enlighten you on the severity of the case and discuss why the court deems remanding is necessary.

The Trial and the Jury Selection

When the trial becomes inevitable, a jury may be selected to determine whether the defendant himself is guilty or not. The top criminal lawyers in Oswego will also be present to contest any evidence or testimonies formally presented before the criminal court of law. Hiring the Cambareri & Brenneck will provide you the best chances of getting a minimal punishment with their technical expertise in criminal cases and immense experience as former prosecutors. They will come up with the best strategies to minimize the potential impact of the case on your profession and personal life.

The ultimate verdict of the case lies in the hands of the board of jury. The term used in selecting the members is Voir Dire. There are 6 jurors for the criminal court and at least one or two alternatives. The selection begins by bringing them to the court where the judge will explain certain fundamentals of law. He or she can then question these prospective jurors. The Assistant District Attorney will also have his turn and will question the jurors. The chosen defense attorneys can also ask then jurors further questions. The attorneys will then ask some of them to leave the courtroom. Those who are asked to stay will be sworn off. If the number of jurors remains insufficient, then the process will continue. In this part, selecting the top criminal lawyers in Oswego as defense attorneys become paramount. It is imperative that the selected jurors fully understand the principles of law in order to conduct fair and best judgment on the case.

Why Choose the Cambareri & Brenneck

The founding partners and members of the Cambareri & Brenneck are inevitably among the top criminal lawyers in Oswego. As former prosecutors, each of them understands how to firmly handle a criminal case and study it from every angle possible. They constantly strategize for the strongest and ultimately the best possible defense. With decades-long experience as prosecutors and defense attorneys, it is certain that turning to the Cambareri & Brenneck is tantamount to finding the top criminal lawyers in Oswego and anywhere else in New York. When facing any possible criminal charges, getting in touch with the best criminal lawyers the soonest possible time is crucial. To reach the Cambareri & Brenneck, you may opt to give me them a call at any time of the day or provide your contact information. Requesting for a Free Case Review is also possible. Any of these methods will help you contact the top criminal lawyers in Oswego.