Running Back Arrested for DUI

Running Back Arrested for DUI-Mark Walton, a freshman halfback at Miami University was suspended from the Hurricanes football team on April 27 after being suspected of driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license.

According to local records, the football athlete who just turned 19 years-old was booked into a local jail that afternoon but released a few hours later.

Miami Athletic Director Blake James expressed that when they learned about Walton’s case, they reacted immediately by suspending him from the team.

Part of probing Walton’s case also focused on whether Walton really did mimic a police officer in a separate event as reported to the Associated Press by an anonymous source.

Failed Sobriety Test

Walton was described by the Police officers as having inflamed and watery eyes when they checked on him Saturday morning. In fact, Walton’s answers were slurred and he had difficulty walking straight. Part of the field sobriety test report also indicated that his alcohol level was at .059 and .060, which is under the allowed limit for ages 21 and above. However, his results exceeded the Florida limit of 0.02 for those under 21.

Evidence from court showed that Walton owes $434 for a speeding fine from June 15, 2015, which caused the suspension of his license.

Future Ruined by DUI

At the running back position, Walton was placed at the top of the list in the team’s depth chart which could have made him the starter for the Hurricanes next season. Unfortunately, his future with the team is now uncertain as a result of this DUI arrest.

Prior to his suspension, Walton helped lead Miami last season with nine rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdowns. He impressively played in all 13 games, finishing with 1054 all-purpose yards. He also played the major part in Miami’s unforgettable game in 2015 when he delivered a touchdown before time expired, giving Miami the win over Duke.

Arrested for DUI

It was only a week after Miami’s spring game when Walton was arrested for DUI. More so, it was only minutes after the game commenced when their team coach Mark Richt motivated each player to help each other maintain goodwill among one another and refrain from any negative conduct in the days between the spring game and summer training camp.

The football star player at Booker T. Washington High School, who chose the Hurricanes over several other offers is a Miami native who ended his secondary school athletic career with 45 touchdowns.